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Avanti's main activities are custom/contract designs, i.e. we design electronic circuits to the specifications given by our customers. This quite often requires that we also build some test gear, in order to verify and characterise our designs. In most cases, these test circuits remain one-off prototypes for in-house use only, but occasionally we feel that they deserve better.

With this in mind we have taken some of our test gear designs a step further and turned them into standard products:

  • AVA-01: ANALOG Quartz Transducer Simulator - Substitutes a high precision quartz pressure / temperature transducer with FREQUENCY OUTPUTS (standard Quartzdyne transducer) and allows to extensively test and characterise downhole logging systems.

  • AVA-06: LOW COST ANALOG Quartz Transducer Simulator - This is a simplified version of the above AVA-01 analog simulator with FREQUENCY OUTPUTS. A simpler design with fewer features but at a significantly lower cost. Ideal for production testing.

  • AVA-02: DIGITAL Quartzdyne Simulator - Substitutes a pressure / temperature transducer equipped with a two-wire I2C INTERFACE (digital Quartzdyne transducer) for testing of data acquisition systems in the absence of real transducers.

  • AVA-03: DIGITAL Quartzdyne Tester & PC-Interface - Communicates with up to 4 digital quartz transducers via an I2C INTERFACE and displays pressure and temperature readings on a 2-line LCD. Contains an RS232 interface for accessing readings and calibration coefficients with a PC.

  • AVA-07: Single Chip Quartz Transducer Counter - Counts pressure and temperature frequencies of an ANALOG quartz transducer and returns the results through a DIGITAL Quartzdyne compatible I2C interface.

  • AVA-08: Frequency Transducer to Q-Link Interface - Allows the connection of up to 4 ANALOG quartz transducers to a Quartzdyne Q-Link device.

We intend to extend this range of specialised test equipment over time. If you have a special requirement, please let us know. We may already have something at a prototype stage, only waiting to be turned into a product.