Avanti Digital Quartz Transducer Simulator.

Digital Quartzdyne Simulator
Quartz Transducers are widely used in the oil industry for measuring downhole pressure and temperature with very high accuracy. The latest generation of Quartzdyne Transducers (Quartzdyne DM, DS and DX series) include high resolution frequency counters and provide a two-wire serial I2C interface instead of the traditional frequency outputs. Due to their digital interface they are called digital pressure transducers.

The Avanti AVA-02 Digital Quartz Transducer Simulator substitutes such a digital Quartzdyne pressure transducer and facilitates testing of data acquisition systems in the absence of a real transducer.

Pressure and temperature values can be set independently by means of two rotary switches. Constant values or ramps with regular saw-tooth edges can be selected.
Two jumper links are provided for setting the device address, allowing up to 4 devices on the same I2C bus. Activity on the I2C bus is indicated by an LED, which flashes up whenever the simulator is being polled successfully for pressure or temperature readings.

The AVA-02 Digital Quartzdyne Simulator also features a special error mode, which simulates erratic I2C behaviour. This is useful for checking how well a data acquisition system recovers from a locked up I2C bus and whether it can detect inconsistent data values.

Firmware Update: With the introduction of their Digital ASIC, Quartzdyne made some enhancements to the I2C protocol. The firmware in the AVA-02 has been updated accordingly and now supports I2C checkbytes, 32bit status/control registers and redundant coefficient storage. The new revision (AVA-02-A for ASIC) is backward compatible with earlier versions and is therefore shipped by default. The older version is still available on special request (to be ordered as AVA-02-F for FPGA).

Model-No: AVA-02-A (or AVA-02-F on special request)
Price: 145.- + VAT.

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